Monday, March 29, 2010

XXXL Diaper

This is order of XXXL size diaper for my nephew Haziq.  I make him a pull up pants that have 3 rows of setting button using microfleece as an inner, sport navy printed PUL and  3 layer microfibre insert (2 insert) and foldover elastic to make it pull up.

Here it is:

Inner View

The Large Insert


New Order Little Honey Diapers

Here are photo of Little Honey Diaper i made for Miss Iza.  Thank iza for purchase this for your son.  They are all Organic Bamboo Velour Inner and comes with 2 Organic Bamboo Inserts each. 

All the CDs

Blue Orange Volkswagon
Retro Cars

The Inserts

Free 2 pcs of this hemp insert 



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