Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Treating Rashes

Even cloth diapers prevent diapers rash, babies with ultra sensitive skin may experience diapers rash from time to time. DO NOT USE ANY CREAM OR OINTMENT on your diapers. Those creams or ointments will build up in the fleece and causing the diaper to leak. If you still need to use creams or ointment, use a liner on top of your diaper inner layer. You can try treating rashes by:

  1. Clean baby with water or cloth wipes.
  2. Use natural detergent for diaper laundry.
  3. Try a diaper change. Try different kind of diaper to find the material best suit your child.
  4. Detergent build up also can lead to rashes.
To resolve detergent build up :-

  1. First, run a hot wash without detergent.
  2. Second, run a hot wash with ½ detergent.
  3. Third, rinse with cold water. Detergent must be rinsed well from the diapers. If the result still bad, repeat Step [3]. Striping wash diapers is not necessary especially for highly sensitive skin child.


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