Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Little Honey Reusable Cloth Diapers

Little Honey Diapers is a Made in Malaysia cloth diaper that is sewn by myself. This diapers represent my passion towards CD according to mothers need. it is available in various colours and cute printed designs. You can select which colour or design that most suit your preference and baby gender as we have design that suit boy and girls. we can also can sew customized diaper according to your baby size.

Products Offer:

1.One Size Little Honey Diapers. This diapers suit baby from 3 kg to 15 kg (subject to baby size)
2. Custom Made Little Honey Diaper for a extra size baby


One One Size Little Honey Diapers comes in with 2 Microfibre Terry insert

Introductionary Price: RM80 RM85

Product Description:

1. Outer Layer - is made from waterproof fabric, 1 mil polyester PUL (polyurethane laminated)from Fabrite (in USA). Fabrite's 1mil PUL less likely to crack or split over time as thicker PULs can be. It also provides a high level of breathability. The thicker the polyurethane layer, the less the breathability.

2. Inner layer - cuddle soft and anti pill microfleece

3. Insert- Each diaper comes with 2 microfibre inserts. one small and one for medium to large size. All microfibre insert is made from 3 layers microfibre terry that have smooth finish to prevent it picking up lots of lint in the laundry, as microfibre is otherwise prone to do. you can use one or both insert depends ot how heavy your baby wets.if you need a lighter booster, u can pick up from hemp or bamboo organic material.

Little Honey Contour Microfibre Insert

4. Snap button- 4 snaps on the front allows 4 different size from New Born setting to Large Setting that will fit most babies from about 3kg to 15 kg.

5. Hook and Loop- Superbly strong grip hook and loop, not easy for the babies to open it.

6.Laundry tab- Each diaper have 2 fold back laundry tab






aliah on December 3, 2013 at 12:45 PM said...

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