Thursday, November 19, 2009

Custom Made Little Honey Diapers

When my daughter going 2 years, i started to potty train her. she wear diapers only when go out and going to sleep because she is hardly wake up at night for toilet and she did pee in the car a few times. Even untill now she still on diapers during that time. i sew a diaper that suit her age.

If your child is on potty train and use diapers during nightime only but hardly find size for your child, we have a solution for you. here, we are offering a custom made diaper that will make the diapers just the right size for your baby. it is ecomonical because you only need a few diapers only for the whole process instead of buying a package of size XL, XXL or XXXL disposable diapers a month. You just need to measure the size of your child and choose the material you like, and the diaper is ready to sew within 2-4 days time.

How to measure your child diaper size? **Measurement is in inch or cm only**

1. Take your child's measurements over a diaper.

2. Waist measurement: Take the measurement at the belly button.

3. Rise measurement: The rise measurement is taken from the belly button, down through the legs, and up the back to where the belly button would be if it was on the back.
4. Thight: If your child have drumstick thight, it is better to measure the tight diameter to reduce red marks.

Diaper Material

1. Outer Layer -Polyester PUL
Mother can choose from the various colour or printed design available:

2. Inner Layer:
Mother can choose either to have super soft Microfleece or silky soft Organic Bamboo Velour

3. Insert:
Mother can choose from microfibre, bamboo or hemp.

All the materials can be viewed here:

The Price :

1. Diaper with microfleece+microfibre insert=RM85
2. Diaper with microfleece+organic bamboo insert=RM90
3. Diaper with organic bamboo velour+organic bamboo insert=RM95 (suitable for sensitive skin)

Fabric types

1. Organic Bamboo Velour- This soft creamy fabric is primarily used for the outer or innermost layer of diapers. it does not have the wicking properties like synthetic such as fleece or suedecloth, but it hold moisture well and still comfortable when wet. it is gentle on skin and i recommend this fabric to be used on sensitive child. This is my favourite inner layer fabric for my daughter that have super sensitive skin. My daughter experience rashes on some microfleece but very comfortable and rashes free on bamboo velour.

2. Organic Bamboo Fleece-Often used for the absorbent soaker of the diapers. This absorb more than cotton and microfibre. 3 layer microfibre (thick microfibre)==2 layers bamboo fleece.

3. Organic Bamboo French Terry-Ofthen used for the absorbent soaker. Absorbs very quickly and traps moisture in the fabric very well.

4. Hemp- Hemp has natural antimicrobial properties and absorbs much more than cotton alone.


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